About - Blue Mountain Stable

Equine Art by Kristen Williams

Blue Mountain Stable (BMS) is my artist studio name for my equine miniatures, primarily resculpted and repainted mini model horses (better known as stablemates to those familiar with the Breyer brand of model horse collectibles).  I have been painting and sculpting these tiny horses since 2001 as a passionate horse kid, then later as a professionally educated graphic artist. 

I have a B.F.A. in fine art from Colorado State University with an emphasis in graphic arts, working as a full-time advertising and publications graphic designer for the equine industry.  My art background is both varied and traditional and this allows me to create highly detailed equine minis in a variety of mixed media, especially airbrushed acrylic, dry earth pigments, and colored pencils.

My custom horses show within the North American Model Horse Showers Association (NAMHSA) and the Model Equine Photo Showers Association (MEPSA).  They have earned NAN cards in both halter (breed & workmanship) and performance classes and have graced titles such as Overall Grand Champion Custom (Springamathing 2016, against all scales) and MEPSA Mini Workmanship Champion.

New minis are often available for sale on the Model Horse Sales Pages, although reduced-priced pre-sales are listed on my social media outlets, so be sure to like, follow and share for the best deals.  At this time, I am currently NOT taking commissions or trades.

For questions or inquiries about BMS custom model horses, please email Kristen at kristen.tapirgraphics@gmail.com

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